"Generations" of aging personal data? What digital forgetting means and how it’s coined by the GDPR
2018-10-23, 18:00–18:45, Saal 1

How do organizations implement the right to erasure under the GDPR regime and which potential alternatives exist for making the aspect of time better visible?

The boundless long-term retention of information about people’s lives in digital environments endangers their time-related privacy and deprives them of a fresh start. Mr. Costeja González’ reputation, for example, was damaged by twelve year-old newspaper articles on Google attesting him a poor creditworthiness. His case has triggered a discussion about creating a "forgetting Internet". Personal data stored in digital environments gets stale and outdated over time and are subsequently overtaken by newer “generations” of fresh data about a person. The talk illuminates the meaning of being forgotten in the digital world and presents possible avenues for making the aspect of time better visible in online biographies. These are contrasted to the practical measures of companies to implement the right to be forgotten / right to erasure under the EU general data protection regulation (GDPR).